Autonomous UAV
aOrion Heli-E is a fully automatic drone with an electric motor. As a result, maintenance cost are reduced, and it’s environmentally safe. Aluminum alloy and composite materials, as well as high-performance lithium batteries are used in the aOrion Heli-E design, which allow the drone to safely and efficiently perform any tasks.
Electric motor
120 minutes
max flight time*
* with a pre-planned mission
Video surveillance and monitoring
Transportation up to 7 kg
Retransmission of signals
Target Illumination
Search and rescue operations
aOrion Heli-E is designed to automatically fly on specified routes, conduct video surveillance according to specified conditions and also determine where to focus inspection efforts. For example, it’s great solution for powerline inspections.
aOrion Heli-E can lift up to 7 kg of payload: gimbals, lidars, night vision cameras, extra batteries and other equipment. Heli-E also has the ability to transport low-volume items.
If necessary, Heli-E can be equipped with a signal jammer. It will be able to block all GPS, GSM, CDMA, DCS system signals.*
* This feature is available only for services with special permission.
aOrion Heli-E is able to relay the signal from Wi-Fi routers, mobile antennas and other transmitters to create good coverage and clear reception of the mobile network or Internet signal.
aOrion Heli-E can search and highlight the target if there is no object on the terrain map. Geo-referenced information allows ground transport or aircraft to quickly move to certain spot.
Heli-E guarantees success of the mission in various weather conditions. It is capable of flying in strong wind and can quickly locate individuals amongst the noise of the landscape using thermal vision. Detected people are automatically georeferenced to be quickly rescued.
Up to 120 km
Up to 110 km/h
High flight range
Fly Everywhere
High capacity of aOrion Heli-E batteries offers a substantial flight time up to 100 minutes. Moreover, the device can be charged with a standard 220 outlet.
1 person
crew is needed
Ready in 5 min
Flight mission must be pre-planned
Less than 1 min
to restart
Wide operating temperature range:
-30°C to 40°C
16 meters/s
Max Wind Speed
Highly effective blades
Rigid lightweight body for the best aerodynamics
High-capacity lithium batteries
Tail rotor with direct electric drive and fixed pitch
Rapidly removable chassis and tail boom
Parachute for safe emergency landing
There are a lot of electronic systems in the aOrion Heli-E for safe automated flights:
  • A low-level autopilot operates under control of the system with an ARM processor;
  • A high-level autopilot operating on the nVidia Jetson platform;
  • Secure communication channels;
  • GPS / GLONASS / inertial reference systems;
Computer control
Flying with waypoints
Computer vision
Flying with limited signal reception
aOrion Heli-E is easily controlled by a computer with special software. The connection is carried out via secure communication channels.
aOrion Heli-E provides autonomous flight mode on a specified route. It performs video surveillance and monitoring according to pre-determined conditions, and also reports deviations from the reference parameters.
The helicopter automatically overflights obstacles. A 3D map is constructed during a flight for an autonomous movement. Information may also be collected for other purposes.
aOrion Heli-E can track moving subjects. It opens up tremendous opportunities for use in the film industry or escort.
In the absence of data from satellites, aOrion Heli-E is able to continue the mission based on information from internal sensors (gyroscopes, accelerometers, proximity sensors, and others).
The drone is equipped with an emergency rescue system. If any dangerous conditions occur, aOrion Heli-E will land automatically using the autorotation system. It is also possible to automatically open the parachute in several cases.
Tech Specs
aOrion Heli-E
Overall Height
629 mm
2100 mm
Rotor diameter
2500 mm
Service Ceiling up to
8000 m
Flight Distance up to
120 km
Maximum Payload up to
7 kg
Flight Time up to
120 minutes
Cruise Speed
60 km/h
Service Interval
100 h
Max Speed
110 km/h
Overhaul resource
300 h
Options and accessories
Ground Control Station
Camera, Night Vision Camera, Thermographic Camera, Lidar
External Batteries
Charging Stations
* Required accessories are coordinated with the manager.
** It is possible to develop a special load to your order.
UAV delivery in two protective cases available worldwide.
Dimensions for transport:
Case #1
1380 mm
365 mm
135 mm
Case #2
910 mm
360 mm
465 mm
* Packaging depends on the purchased equipment and may differ from the sample image.
* Packaging depends on the purchased equipment and may differ from the sample image.
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