Heli-E E Goes to Work

Valeria Pirogova | September 1, 2019

It is known that an unmanned aerial vehicle itself is only a part of an aerial system.

Equipped with some highly capable payloads & empowered by high-level autopilot Heli-E serves as a part of unmanned aerial systems applicable to so many businesses and industries. aOrion company does the full cycle of design and manufacture of the mentioned components to make sure they perform as an integrated system.

The list of possible applications of drone systems seems to be endless. Nevertheless we put our current efforts to develop the solution for powerline inspection since we have the most experience in this field.

We are currently engaged into the project of the production of Heli-E system for power lines inspection to be carried out in Russia in 2020 Q1. The degree of service readiness and our current capacities allow us to collect preorders for 2020 Q2.

Follow us and next you will learn our case study on powerline inspection carried out by aOrion Heli-E system near Krakow (Poland) in 2018.